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Is ‘How To Write Like Dan Kennedy‘ Challenge

For Me And My Business...??

Yes! This challenge is for you, especially if...

  • ​You’re fed up with building funnel after funnel... after funnel…  and STILL not collecting the profits you want
  • Your copywriting sucks and isn’t doin’ the persuadin’ you were hoping for… (Psst… you’ll discover how to turn “sucky” copywriting into copywriting that SELLS – and without thinking nearly as hard!!)
  • You want to go from “begging” to “attracting” NEW clients, customers, or patients AT WILL with a “magnetic personality” where you’re seen as a celebrity in their eyes…
  • ​You want to build a TRIBE of hard-core fans that can’t get enough of you, your personality, and your story… and will buy and LOVE everything you put out!
  • You want to create an irresistible “magnetic offer” that WORKS every time... where customers practically whip out their credit card and purchase without question!

If you nodded or said “yes” to any of the above, then this FREE 3-Day ‘How To Write Like Dan Kennedy’ Challenge is 100% for you.

And if you’re sitting there all skeptical, thinking, “pshhh… this sounds WAY too good to be true,” then this challenge is doubly important for you, and we’ll prove it to you!

Sign up today and we’ll show you step-by-step on how to write your way to riches with personality-driven copy that not only “sales,” but INFLUENCES customers into sticking with you for LIFE!

If You Want To Quickly Build A Tribe Of “Ride Or Die” Loyalists… The Kind That Stand In Line To Buy The Next Apple Product Or See The Latest Marvel Film…

Then This Challenge Will Show You How!

From: Dan Henry

What if I told you the secret to my success…

…from struggling pizza delivery boy to eventually building a $30MM online business…

…came because I read and implemented strategies taught by Dan Kennedy?

No joke – if I were to rank my top 10 most SUCCESSFUL pieces of marketing content I’ve ever written…

They were ALL marketing assets I created after studying Dan Kennedy content.”

Even the principles I learned from Russell Brunson of ClickFunnels were concepts he learned from Dan, but brilliantly simplified.

Which is the problem…

Let’s face facts – copywriting can be hard.

Even if you know the “winning prompts” to feed whatever A.I. machine you choose…

The copy still comes out sounding like an alien attempting to pass as “human.”

What’s even harder, I think, is reading one of the dozens of Dan Kennedy books that contain these advanced persuasion strategies, let alone ALL of them (psst… there’s a lot).


If you’re anything like me, you know it sucks to be poor. You also know…

…the wealthiest people study the craft, read books, and get insanely good at what they do.

But that’s easier said than done, and here’s why…

In today’s time, you get 50,000 social media messages, Slack notifications, Tik Tok and Instagram algorithms scrambling your brain blah blah blah… it never ends.

…it’s nearly impossible to take the time to read even a single book that could completely change your life… let alone IMPLEMENT said teachings from the book!

Plus, when you throw kids into the mix… 

But I have to confess… I need to make a startling admission to you.

I had an UNFAIR advantage

See, when I read my first book from Russell Brunson teaching copywriting concepts, my wife gave me an edge…

She worked three jobs to support us while I sat there and relentlessly studied the craft.

Three months later, I did a webinar that generated $48,000 in sales.

That was the beginning of my path to the $30 million fortune I have today, but here’s what that means for you…

The chances that you have eight hours a day, for three months to sit down and get good at a skill that can make you tons of sales, is slim to none.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel…

One superpower I’ve always had – consider it my God-given gift– is I’ve always been able to teach someone something in a much shorter time frame than it took me to learn.

Now I want you to answer this life changing question…

What if I could teach you how to apply the biggest income-shifting strategies I learned from Dan Kennedy and Russell Brunson, not in three months…

…but in just three HOURS?!?

That would be a no-brainer, right?

Well, if that’s what you want, then you’re in luck, because I want to invite you to the “How To Write Like Dan Challenge!”

No, not Dan Henry… I’m talking about the Godfather of direct-response marketing, the GOAT… Dan Kennedy!

In this short three-day challenge, I will require only one hour per day from you. That’s it. Easy-peasy.

And after those three days, you’ll have the foundation (something I wished I had when I first got started)... to have a thriving online business with raving fans who can’t get enough of you!

Just one hour a day for three days.

So, if you can stick an iPad in your kid’s hand, give your dog one of those chewy bones that takes two hours to finish, and send your wife to the salon, or perhaps your husband to the golf course…

I promise you I can make such a dramatic shift in your marketing… and without having to spend countless hours reading these advanced marketing books from Dan Kennedy.

During the challenge, I’m going to condense the most useful, practical and “needle moving“ marketing strategies you can implement right away for fast results!

Additionally, I’m going to show you exactly how I use them to build a dedicated following (where I can’t go a single week without getting recognized)... which has allowed me to increase my sales every single month without fail!

If skyrocketing your income, your authority and your impact by simply “changing how you convey your message” interests you…

Then give me just three hours, and I’ll give you the easy-to-implement system that will change your life in the most insurmountable way…

Click here now to join the “How To Write like Dan Challenge” and let me give you the same unfair advantage I had… in just three hours.

See you in the challenge,

Dan Henry

Join Me (Dan Henry) For A One-In-A-Lifetime Event…

How To Write Like
Dan Kennedy Challenge!

When you say “yes” and join the challenge for free today, we’ll show you, in just 60 minutes a day for 3 days, how to easily (and quickly) build and launch a challenge funnel for your own offer!

What You’ll Learn

During The FREE Challenge

During The FREE Challenge

“I’ll Reveal The Three Core ‘Magnetic Marketing’ Fundamentals That’ll Take You From Struggle To Success With Any Funnel!” – Dan Henry

Day #1:


At the end of the day, customers are buying YOU.

That’s why on day one of the challenge, Dan Henry will show you how to easily and fearlessly build your OWN branded personality that’ll have YOUR golden customers lining up to hear what you have to say and buy whatever it is you’re sellin’!

Doesn’t matter if you “suck” at writing copy. You’ll see how even the crappiest writer can lean into their personality to produce addictive copy that’ll have customers eating out of your hand.

Day #2:


Almost 99.98% of marketers don’t have an actual marketing “system” that runs even when they’re not around. Dan Henry is the KING of automated marketing systems that work regardless of industry.

On day two, you’ll learn how to build a personality-driven, magnetic marketing system to build giant lists of ready-to-buy customers, waiting to hear from you!

Day #3:


This is when it all comes together.

On day three, you’ll learn the closely-guarded secret on how to “magnetically sell” without feeling like you’re “selling” - hint: it’s all about relationship building… do this correctly, and you’ll be overrun with customers and clients!

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During The 3-Day Challenge!

Dan Henry

“From pizza boy to millionaire…”

Dan Henry is a serial entrepreneur, 8-figure digital marketer, best-selling author of Digital Millionaire Secrets, and a life-long student of Dan Kennedy.

He’s the founder and owner of getclients.com and closedeals.com where he teaches entrepreneurs how to get more clients and scale with confidence.

Dan’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes, Business Insider, USA Today, and HuffPost.

Your Chance To Write Your Way To Riches

Using PERSONALITY-DRIVEN Copywriting To Create Customers For LIFE

...Will You Take It?

What Folks Are Saying About Dan Henry 

Amazing feeling, the "How To Write Like Dan" Challenge prepares you to go right away!

James (Private Student Group)

My wins for this week: I closed 2 strategy sessions for my own courses for a total of 27k.

MEETA (Private Student Group)

I credit a lot of my success due to what I've learned in this challenge. This stuff really works.

JEFF (Private Student Group)

Ready To Build A Tribe Of Customers That Can’t Get Enough Of YOU?

What You Can Expect From

‘How To Write Like Dan Kennedy Challenge’!

BEFORE The Challenge:

  • Confused on how to use your personality to find YOUR customers…
  • Boring marketing no one is thrilled about
  • ​Relying too heavily on Chat-GPT or expensive copywriters with “meh” results
  • Often confused, lost, or stuck while trying to get a funnel to work...

AFTER The Challenge:

  • Leveraging YOUR personality in all of your copywriting and marketing with amazing results!
  • A predictable, sustainable marketing system that brings in customers and clients on auto-pilot!
  • Easily (and quickly) writing your own copy and loving it!
  • Launch winning funnel after winning funnel like it’s nothin’!

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